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The first piece you should invest is the bassoon, of course. A cheap bassoon is going to sound awful and is far less reliable than a much more expensive model. The second piece I would recommend would be the soprano. This instrument is great for solo concerts and is easy to play and fun to look at. If you want to learn a soprano, this is a good place to start. The third piece is another violin with a great playing quality and a beautiful build. You will need to decide if it would be a nice start from a small budget and then build it up. It is very likely that for the first months it will need a lot of work. The best thing about this second violin is that you can make modifications to the instrument. I have taken the wood to try out the different patterns and different materials (such as stainless and plastic) and what I have learned has enabled me to build a better instrument. The violins are a good investment though as you can save a lot of money on the first violins. The cost of building another instrument is likely to be around 4 months of violin or instrument lessons. So what does the best instrument in the class cost? The top model costs $4200 in the United States. Most violins from Japan are around $2500 but they come in a few different wood species and price varies depending on the maker so it is always better to find the best model you can afford. Most models are priced at around $700 to $950 in Europe so if you are going to buy a violin make sure it is from Europe. I have found this to be a very good way to buy into a new violin maker. You can see my recommendations on price of instruments by clicking the links below:

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