How much should you pay for a good violin?

It depends on your level of education, your location, who you are playing with, and your budget.

You can pick any of the major brands available today: Guarovagens, Schecter, Violin Master, Hohner, Gagner, Fender etc.

If you’re looking for a beginner violin to play with for fun, it may be worth checking out the cheaper brand Schecter Guarneri. It’s cheaper, it doesn’t fit into your budget, and its a very nice sounding instrument.

If you want something much more solid for your money, you can pick up a used Schecter Guarneri for around $350 or so on Ebay. For $500, you can get a brand new Schecter model and it will be a bargain.

As for the more expensive brands, Guarneri is a solid performer with plenty of features.

To start, it features a neck slot-less construction (and the neck can be screwed to the body with no fuss). This gives you incredible sustain throughout your playing session, regardless of the quality of the strings you’re using.

Gargiin also features adjustable strings, a high string pull on the neck, a full flat head, and a double bridge.

The strings can be used with any standard string set including the popular Hohner Stradivarius.

If you’re looking for something slightly more expensive, it may be time for Schecter to sell off some of their brands. However, if you can find a used Guarneri for under $300, it is still a great choice.

Also, as you can see, many of these brands will give you an option to add extra sound effects for an extra cost.

Some of the higher end brands will even include a built-in tuner, or at the very least a tuner wheel. A lot of good sounding instruments include these features.

If you are looking for something with very little noise, a Guarneri is an excellent choice.

You can get a used Schecter Guarneri for around $400. For around $500 on eBay.

How much do you pay for a Guarneri?

If you want to buy a Guarneri or Schecter Guarneri, here are some tips:

The higher end brands generally come out ahead, if