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I don’t think it’s a violin unless the strings are too short. What you’re talking about is a fiddle or a violin. You said you had a fiddle. That means that one of your violas or violas has strings just short of the top of the cello’s top. If your fiddle has strings you should expect to hear a very clear sound with a violin or viola. No fiddle makes a sound like that. For the rest of us the sound is muffled and muted because of the height restrictions of the cello and viola. I have an answer for both questions, and yes, I have a violin. My cello is in a museum and my viola is in a museum. It’s a nice surprise for one to find one’s instruments in museums and for those who would ask, I would say you are missing the point. In the United States the only place you can have your instrument is in a museum. It is not legal to own a fiddle in the United States and no viola owner would want to sell it to a non-viola owner. You say you have a violin. That means that if it is in a museum in the U.S.I can tell you it’s a viola, not a fiddle! Why the confusion? Because the cello is a viola. It is a “vocal instrument”. When I say a “vocal instrument” I did a lot of research into what you mean by that. I have found that it is a “vocal melody instrument” which means its tone is produced and created from the singing of the vocal chords in the vocal tract and vocal chords are actually the part of the vocal tract that gives the melody of the violin. The viola on which I play was bought and played by me many years ago from the family who gave his instrument to me, I think it’s called the Huyckes. They played on it for over 30 years. The Huyckes were from Austria, and they are now known as Wessel. In the past they lived in Vienna, and many years after their death the orchestra was moved to San Francisco and changed their name to SF Symphony (after the city they moved to). The family that purchased it was from South Africa and the band name was Blackfriars, but in time they renamed the band SF Symphony. The cello is a violin. So, a violin is not a “vocal melody instrument” and neither is a viol
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