Is a fiddle a violin or a viola? – Professor Violin

A fiddle a violin or a viola is a musical instrument with the same physical properties as a violin, and a fiddle that is played by a viola player resembles a violin.

How big is a fiddle a violin?

A fiddle a violin is the equivalent in size to a violin on the scale (17 inches).

Where can I buy a fiddle a violin?

There are many sources that offer fiddle a violin information online. I highly recommend using the websites ( and ( for information about fiddle a violans available in the United States.

Can I make any modifications to my fiddle a viola?

Although it is easy to change the size of a fiddle a viola, there are no instructions for modifying the string, nor is there any known way to make small changes to the vibrato (how the instrument bends).

As for some modifications, you can simply tighten the tuner (how tightly the strings are tied) to get more string tension on the string.

If you want to improve the size or string tension of the guitar and banjo string, make sure to read the instructions for the modification at the website and the instructions for the tuner at

Does a fiddle a violin come with an instruction manual?


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