Is a fiddle a violin or a viola?

Well, they were pretty much synonymous with the violin until the 18th century. There are different types of violins but we will stick to the one called a fiddle, and so, the question remains: What is it made out of and what’s in it?

Viola-Fiddle: Not the same as the violin you know

(photo from B.P. Martin)

According to the Wikipedia article, it is an ancient instrument, made of a flexible string that is tuned to the key of C-sharp. They were usually made of birch or maple wood.

A Viola-Fiddle is made out of only three components:

The Fiddle

The Violin

The String

A Viola-Fiddle is a kind of violin with a finger board and a handle which goes on to the back of the instrument. The fingerboard is made of a hardwood or synthetic material called basswood which is thin and flexible and hard, and has an outer layer of hardwood glued into the shape of a triangle. The string itself is made of a softer material called cotton or reed. A fiddle is usually made out of one variety of fiddle. You can tell a real fiddle from a fake by the fact that there will only be one hole for every finger. A fake fiddle will have six holes.

A fiddle that a player sits on is called a Fiddleboard

(photo from B.P. Martin)

A violin, also called a violin case, is the back of the violin which holds the instrument. It is usually made out of wood, but can be made from steel, synthetic, acrylic and other materials. There is a special section for the violin in violin case which allows the player to adjust the length of the violin in order to improve the performance of the instrument. There is also a cover which is designed to protect the violin when it is not being played. To make one of these pieces, you would have to start your work by making a mold, then you would have to make a wood block out of the appropriate material, then you could make a shape from the block, sand it to shape and shape it further, mold it again and finally get it to final shape.

A violin is more than just an instrument

(photo from B.P. Martin)

One last thing I forgot to mention is that the fiddle is one one thing, it