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There’s been some talk about the DAWs that can actually create higher scores on piano than on guitar, and I don’t know any of the specifics, but I can definitely say that I can play very well with any instrument, and Cello is probably the most comfortable and easiest instrument to play with. I feel like Cello is very expressive in its own right – there’s not a lot of finger movement and it’s hard to get a whole chord out in Cello at one point, but it is a very expressive instrument in general.

What does that mean? Can you play a simple C solo in Cello, or can you just play chords without any idea of how to play them? Can you play melody? Or can you lay a melody onto a note? What’s your favourite C chord progression? I’d love some advice.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Image: David J. Sacks

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A couple of weeks ago I had a dream, but that was very recent and I’ll only talk about that a few paragraphs at the end. It was also very strange and scary.
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In this dream I was standing in front of the mirror and I was trying desperately to remove the “I” that the “I” represents and try to replace it with something else. This “I” was an image of my father, my own father, as he seemed to be. This “I” felt as if it was holding a very small knife, which was something I can see in the dream was probably my father, as he used to be, holding that knife, making his knife “safer”. However, his dream was very, very real for him.

In the dream I was holding my father. And I was trying so hard to remove the “I” that this symbol represented. However, I wasn’t getting any closer, and it was really scary when I really tried to remove the “I”, as I did not want anyone to see me, it was not me. I was trying very hard to remove this “I”, but I was trying for so far just to be able to hold onto this “I”. This “I” did not want to be let go, however, I could not do it, I was terrified of this “I”.

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