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A: On the Cello Cello, you’re going to sing the whole thing.

Q: What’s the most impressive thing people have done with this album?

A: I think they’re just so good right now that it doesn’t really matter anymore.

You can listen to the full interview over at Rolling Stone.

The federal government is making a major push to encourage provinces and territorial governments to make the shift to online services for communications, information and documents, and to help them adapt and develop.

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews say the government will give federal and provincial governments the responsibility to oversee the delivery of these services, and a mandate to work effectively together with industry, the federal government and non-governmental organizations to develop a national market.

Harper is also pushing for changes to the current licensing framework to bring the country in line with a digital economy, and for the creation of a government-industry joint strategy for digital services.

“From the provinces at the federal level we are trying to say you’re on the right track,” Toews said in an interview. “We are trying to help out with the implementation so that it comes down to the provinces who are actually setting this direction. It comes down to the provinces and territories being more effective in delivering these services to the public.”

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For Harper’s visit this week, he will be hosting the first of two roundtables with a number of industry groups who have urged governments nationwide to embrace open government. One of his main goals is to help the federal government win back local government support for its electronic services.

In a video released by the Prime Minister’s Office, Toews says the government is encouraging local governments in Canada to adopt open records laws that allow documents, online information and communications to be accessed online without a government-issued document or paper copy.

While not all governments in Canada are yet on board with these changes, Innes Willox, a former communications adviser to the Canadian Alliance of Federal Intergovernmental Relations Officials (CAFRRO) who has studied the impact of closed government on policy outcomes, says the federal and provincial governments are “taking that on face value” when they ask their staff to provide government documents online.

But Willox says it is also true that in general, governments in Canada are reluctant to provide online access to documents.

“The government may not want to disclose the information, but if the

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