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Well, this is the way it was! The instruments were originally done by one violinist, the pianist was an instrumentalist, which meant that the piano was actually used for some parts of the song in the performance. There was a vocal version of the song recorded, with a different vocal arrangement by the singer. So the song has this really interesting sound that was very reminiscent of a more modern and traditional type of song. In other words, it was actually in the style of modern classical (such as Strauss’ “The Magic Flute” and “The Nutcracker”). This was done very early into the project and was used in the film to great effect!

You’ve said before that the inspiration for the song came from the Beatles lyrics. Did you meet with each of the Beatles to discuss the idea?

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Yes! We had a meeting with them to discuss the album and the lyrics. However, during this meeting John and Paul didn’t really make themselves known to us. It was very natural for the album to be a very musical album, with piano/percussion instruments playing many parts of the music. Therefore, they were able to discuss the music very freely, but not to a greater degree.

You mentioned something about how John and Paul made themselves known to you in a very informal setting. Was there an actual meeting, and were you invited to join the band?

In the beginning we knew only John and Paul and our producer, Alan Holdsworth. All our producer had to do was to go to the hotel of one of the Beatles and introduce himself. As there were many of us at the hotel, we would all go there and go to meet our respective members.

John would always sit down in a chair and discuss the lyrics with me and Alan, and after I’d go on to look at the notes, we would both decide what we should keep and decide on the lyrics.

As John and Paul didn’t seem to know anything about each other other, there was no formal meeting for me to join the band. However, once John and Paul joined the band after the film came about there was an actual meeting for me (also at a friend’s place). I had to go to the hotel one morning and introduce myself to John and Paul. In my job I was to talk to my customers, but at that point I didn’t do anything besides talk.

One of the most difficult parts of the music was how we created the drum sound. When the rhythm guitar

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