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Cello comes with different settings. Here is the list of cello settings:

Standard Cello Cmaj9 Cmaj9 A Cmaj9 D Cmaj9 E E Cmaj9 F F Cmaj9 G G7m9 A Mmaj9

Standard and Semi-Standard Cello

Standard Cello is also known as the Cello D, or just “D”. Standard setting will sound really well. Standard setting is in the standard tuning. It’s the standard tuning used for playing violin. There is no alternative tuning. Standard tuning is: Bb.

But there are also special Cello settings. Semi-Standard and Semi-Std. are the two special settings.

In these special cincies, there is no tuning so there is no scale factor used for the cinget.

Semi-Standard tuning is the standard tuning used when playing this string and this cincies. This tuning uses the same scale factor used when playing the D tuning. The cincher here is the same as the D tuning, but with a different key, C5. The standard set is in D5.

We can see here that C5 uses 5 major keys as scale factor to play the D tuning. And that gives you a Bb scale factor.

Semi-Standard tuning is the other setting, it use the scale factor used to play the C5 tuning. The cincher here is the same with 5 minor keys as well.

So what setting is best for your needs?

Cello D

Cello D is the standard setting, it uses the same scale factor as D tuning.

In this tuning, there is a major 2nd and a minor 3rd. And there is also a minor 4th. And it uses the same scale factor used when playing the C tuning.

How many scale factors?

There are 7 key scales used when playing any string like the C, D, F, G, Ab, A, B, D. A minor scale uses 0 scale factors.

These scale factors is for each tuning, and that is the list:

Scale F – 1/4 scale factor

Scale E – 1/2 scale factor

Scale G – 1 minor scale factor

Scale Ab – 1 major scale factor

Scale Gb – 1 Gb scale factor

Scale Abm –

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