Is Cello harder than violin? – Learn Piano For Kids Numbers 1-20

The sound of Cello is a bit different than that of the violin since it’s all strings and violins, that’s the main difference. Cello is quite fast so to achieve an appropriate speed you need to have some practice in the art of playing the instruments. If you just want a good Cello practice for Cello will help you to learn faster than violin!

Cello practice: When should I learn to play Cello by ear?

There are two major phases of learning to play the instruments of Cello. The first phase is all about practice, when an instrument becomes a part of your life that you can practice and play on a regular basis.

The second phase is very much about the instrument itself, so it’s better to learn it by ear rather from books. If you want to start playing the Cello by ear it should be about age 15 or 16, this is a lot younger than the younger ones who should start by the age of 20.

Is Cello a slow instrument?

The Cello is a slow and very demanding instrument so it will take a quite a lot of time and effort to learn how to play it properly. A lot of it you just have to get the rhythm up. I have been writing Cello books since the 90s so it’s no wonder I feel that Cello is also slower. For example:

Playing the violin can take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks.

The Cello takes around 2 years to learn properly.

How many Cello music lessons should you have?

A Cello book costs around 30 euros. It’s more expensive than any other book, so it’s probably not worth the money to buy it. But it will save you time and money in the future so it’s worth to go through the book and get some practice in.

What else makes Cello harder to learn than violin?

The Cello is a bit more slow, which is to say it plays faster so the slower playing can be frustrating sometimes. The Cello also gets easier as you do practice and learn to play it, which is quite difficult to learn when you play it slowly! I have seen many people learn from the tips and tricks here on the forum but don’t really get them on their Cello book.

When should I learn Cello for solo lessons?

This depends on which part you want to play – solo or baritone, for a solo it can be

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