Is Cello same as violin?

Cello is essentially identical to a violin, but it has fewer string bridges and has different body materials, more electronics and controls. But you get a lot more out of the violin. It’s got a lot more sustain, and the sound is very, very rich. The violin is a bit more controlled and controlled a bit more, and then we take the most expensive string on the violin and replace it with a basswood string and put it on the strings. You’ve got a very rich, complex sound, and you can use it with a lot of different instruments. It’s a lot of fun to string a violin, but you couldn’t string an ukulele, because it’s a very different instrument, it’s got much higher frequencies, and a lot of these older instruments have just been ruined by technology. The ukulele is a beautiful instrument. It’s a really lovely instrument, and it has that unique sound.

Do you have to be a student to play a violin?

No. You can play the violin for about 5 years, and then you get an instructor. Then you go and take what they teach you and you get some experience, and then you need to get a violin professionally to go further.

When I went to get my classical background I took violin lessons for three years with an Italian teacher. He was a world famous classical violinist and he was great. But the violin is not difficult, you get the fundamentals and get used to playing. That was the hardest part of classical violin classes. The hardest part is just getting the feel for the instrument in your hands. It’s about getting used to going from left handed to right handed, going from playing on the violin to playing it with a cello, or when you’re done playing the violin, you need to get a ukulele.

I had to learn more about myself than the instructor. He gave me books, lectures and lessons, which is really valuable to someone who wants to learn classical violin or has just heard great music. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to learn classical violin or just want to hear great music. A great teacher will always try to help you get as good of an idea about the instrument, get as good of an idea of yourself. Just learning about yourself will always help you develop a good understanding of the instrument, and then take you up and play with other people.

What has made going to classical violin a good option for you since the late