Is it better to learn piano or violin first? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 5 Problem Solving

This can be difficult. They are both instrumental and can be used to make your own music, so don’t be afraid to play them together. Learning a different instrument may allow you to practice a longer time at a higher level, and in addition, they are both musical languages so they require a bit of memorization.

Do children have their own style of piano, or is it easier for parents to teach that style?

Piano players, like any instrumentalists (saxophone, woodwind, brass, ukulele), are not restricted to any style. However, the same should be said about violin players, who can also play guitar or harmonica. Some piano players may develop a specific style in order to focus on certain parts of the piece as opposed to simply jamming with the rest of the group, and then gradually learning new parts as they play the piece.

A teacher has said that teaching piano to children often begins with children learning an instrumental instrument. Do parents feel encouraged to teach their children more piano?

This depends on both the child and whether they are learning an instrument or a music style. Depending on the child’s needs and temperament, it makes sense for parents to introduce a bit of the piano into their life. If the child enjoys playing the piano, piano music or music therapy, and has a little or no instrument, then most likely the piano is not an ideal music education tool or practice tool. Even if the child finds playing the piano to be interesting, they may not want to be constantly forced to learn music and instrument.

Do pianists need to learn certain skills or techniques to practice effectively?

There is really no “right” way to practice. It depends on the child’s level. Some may be able to play well with minimal rehearsal; others would need to practice with their parents even more. This will depend on the child’s musical style, the teacher and their own preferences and strengths. If a child is not musical or only a beginner, they should generally not practice more than a few minutes a day with other people or piano.
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Are there certain chords (e.g., fifths, sevenths, octaves, etc.) that piano players should practice using? What about other chords or chord changes? What are the best ways to use them?

To play any jazz song really well, you may need to play more than three changes, so you need to start learning a little bit now to improve by practicing more frequently

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