Should I learn flute or violin? – Violin Learning Tutorial

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I hope you’re not thinking that this is an ideal time to start learning any instrument, because the time it takes to learn each and every one is very long. At least until you can’t play music anymore. But if you are, and you haven’t started yet, learning the instrument you were born with is a great way to start practicing and improving each day.

As you learn more and more, you’ll find that it’s just your body that is your greatest teacher, but with practice you can become so expert that you’ll start teaching others the way you learned it!

What age should I start learning flute or violin?

The main goal of learning a flute or violin is to be able to play at a good level. But if you don’t already have quite decent musical ability, you shouldn’t feel pressured to start before your 13th birthday or younger, because there is one small catch to this age. Your flute or violin will develop gradually from beginner to advanced, without giving any indication of being capable at anything in particular. And then, in the end, if you are good enough to perform with full authority (and to know when to stop), you can start doing things like studying, and studying more and more. There are some guidelines you can follow to make sure that your instrument develops slowly, too. It’s very common for kids and teenagers to play at least 5 concertos before 12, which is a high level in no small part because there are no teachers or guidelines to help them learn to play. Most flute and violin players will need to learn at least 3 concertos, usually at least three of them being at the high speed (15-30 cm/hour). So once you become a beginner again, you shouldn’t feel too pressured to follow this path of learning, but keep in mind that the best musicians are often the first ones to learn new things.

How do I start learning flute or violin?

There are probably many options, but I like the simplest path to success: learn something for free. The problem with free learning is that it can be rather time-consuming, so it’s best to start with something that costs nothing, but you’re not sure how to get started yet. That way you have a small amount of time to figure out how you want to practice, and then you can start to pay attention to it regularly and start working on it.

When you do start something you like (which I will describe soon

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