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“It’s all the same to me.”

How do I tell a good friend that I like them? “They need more of your company. You need to get out and do something.”

What do I do with my wife when we’re married? “Go eat with a friend or go to a club. Just don’t go out and be the new guy.”

Do I love my son? “No. I like him better when he’s in his room, alone.”

Is it important to me that I’m able to get the attention I need on our daily commute? “It’s one reason I’m always on the bus. We’re at high and low points in my life with kids and cars. At any point, I can ask myself, if I could get my work done, it would. It’s my time.”

Who do I talk to about my sexual issues? “I have to see my counselor twice a month. I haven’t asked for it to be a one-on-one conversation, but I feel it’s absolutely key to me and that’s what I’ve worked on. I just want to talk about my feelings, not my body. If we have a chance to have some honest, open dialogue with each other, that’s all I want to do to begin healing.”

What do I talk about with my kids when I’m home alone? “Get outside. We’re not alone. I love walking around with my son or taking him camping and seeing the landscape and the trees.”

What’s the one thing I’d tell myself if I ever thought I had depression or anxiety? “I know what to do. I can take care of myself when I’m at work. I should just be able to take care of my family and be able to deal with whatever’s going on. It can come and go.”

I always knew that had it not been for autism, I’d have been a big star in the movie business. What was it about that? “For someone to do something like that and not know how hard you want it, it’s like being in another body.”

What would I have done without medicine? “I was a teenager, a child.”

If I had never been diagnosed, would I have been better off? “Yes, I’d be very, very, very, very much better off. But I would have loved to have a diagnosis. I loved seeing my face when my face was on

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