What does a good violin sound like?

The best violin can have rich, rich sound; but it can also have a “dead” sound, where many notes are muted for a low tone. That is, the violin sounds great but you can’t play along to a melody.

To find the balance, try listening to a few different violin parts or different musicians playing different styles.

Here is a list of things you’ll want to look out for by listening to different violin parts.

One note

It’s not unusual for a violin player to play a note, then repeat it, or for you to play a note, then repeat that. For example, you might play a C note and then play a C# note. This happens in stringed instrument music to let the instrument’s tones reverberate.

If you are not able to hear these notes, they may be too “dead,” and a violin sound lacking vitality is not going to give you a good performance.

Chord change

A violinist can change the direction of the sound by playing chord changes. Each change is usually a note, so it sounds good. Changing the directions of the sound can sound like a sound that is “dead” because it is not rich with sound, and the notes are so muffled for a low tone. For this reason, the stringed violin is most suited to players who have good sound production — or who just want to improve their instrument over time.

Chord bending

In stringed instrument music, often the bend of the strings or the notes of a chord are not as sharp as the notes of a melody. If you know you only know the chords, you might want to explore how to bend the notes to make something sound more like the tune you are playing.

There are many techniques for changing the sound. You can use string bending, vibrato or arpeggio to enhance the sound, or you could also try using some other technique to add depth, like a piano flute, harmonica, or harmonica soloists.


What does a violin have in common, other than its stringed instruments? It has a large body and a small soundboard . . . and these characteristics are most often overlooked. A large, full soundboard, or a small and resonant soundboard can be a very special thing, but they need to be taken as they are, and not like some other instrument like a piano or a guitar.