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I’ve started by trying to get a bunch of small, basic exercises in each section of the band. The aim is to start with something simple and then get bigger, more complicated things at some point. This is a really nice way to get into jazz drumming in a way that doesn’t sound like you’re learning to play the snare drum.

Who should I be playing to when I play the ‘drum’ (that’s the drumkit for these lessons):

Anyone who has been playing the drums for some time. And if that’s not obvious, I’d say it’s the drummer in the band – to bring some energy and drive.

How many of the exercises should I do before I know everything there is to know about drumming?

For every exercise, you should be able to move through it quickly. And after you feel confident with it, you should be able to play and work on every exercise within a session. I suggest doing at least ten exercises for each section. And then maybe two or three more in your main drumming routine.

How many drum exercises should I do for a single section (or for each drum setup)?

I suggest doing 10 or 12 exercises or parts of an exercise per section for drumming. So, for sections I’d suggest doing the following stuff:




Snare Drum

I think you get the idea.

Will this course have any practical value to me that I won’t get from using other material?

No, because I’m a really bad teacher. But I’m always up for teaching anything and everything.

Does ‘the ‘drum’ are a major part of the band?

Yes. There will be some drummers in my band who will try to use the “drum” as “a means to an end.” But this was never really the intention.

Can you talk about the ‘drum’ a bit more?

Basically it’s a drum set with a cymbal stand attached over the snare. These stands are not built to withstand the pressures of playing bass drums, so they don’t have much effect on the sound, but they do help to make it easier to move around.
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What was playing the ‘drum’ like in the 60s and 70s?

When I started ‘playing the ‘drum’, the most popular instrument I was playing

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