What’s the easiest instrument to learn?

It’s a lot easier to play the piano if you have practice problems. There is no way around it. The only way to really practice is to make mistakes, and then you can learn.”

As an added benefit, these instruments also allow a child to practice the piano while also performing for other people.
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“It has to be easy and fun because they can still play,” says David McEvoy, the director of education at the Center for International Child Care Research. “In some ways, it’s as much fun as playing piano at all.”

“We’re not the same as a piano,” says Susan Johnson, founder of the Learning Resources Association. “It’s difficult to imitate piano playing at an early age, and it can be frustrating and challenging.”

What are some of the difficulties in learning to play the piano?

Inherited musical abilities

For many children, musical development begins with musical temperament skills — the ability to identify and tune to certain musical qualities, such as a melody or chords, said Dr. McEvoy, of the Center for International Child Care Research.

While early music training can help children identify and learn to control the musical elements within their individual songs, the ability to create a cohesive musical sound can be learned on a much larger basis.

As much as one-quarter of the variation in an orchestra is due to differences between the children playing together because they’ve heard the same music and been fed the same ideas, said McEvoy.

By the time a child enters elementary school, the musical qualities of a particular piece of music can be learned with a minimum of practice, if practiced at all, he noted.

Children who don’t have access to music have fewer chances or less chance that they’ll play a particular piece and have the ability to identify, identify and tune to the specific qualities of music, McEvoy said.

“It’s difficult if you are a child who has not access to music,” said McEvoy.

The same can be said of older children, according to McEvoy.

“There are certain conditions in which they are unlikely to be able to play,” said McEvoy. “So it’s not good to ask them to play if they don’t have access to music.”

Not a beginner at piano

Though some children do benefit from practicing a wide range of musical categories, including the major and minor scales and chords that can be heard in classical music