Which is easier to play violin or viola? – Can I Learn Violin At 20

Well no, it is not. A violin is a very heavy instrument, and I can’t play in it. That is the reason why we have to move from a big string violin for the solo to my tiny violin. But even in a violinist’s life it is very difficult for me to play the solo, and it is not so easy for others.

How do you feel about the new recording arrangements of A-Ha’s ‘I Can’t Stand Around’, recorded by the Danish Orchestra?

I am very glad that I am able to sing it with this beautiful Danish orchestra which also contains the beautiful violinist, Anne Holmberg. I am now able to play some of the other songs by A-Ha which I could no longer play – songs I really loved. It is a true blessing for music to get this wonderful orchestra which is very diverse, with some very high and well-known classical musicians as the musicians and directors. I would like to thank them for allowing me to join this great orchestra which has done such a marvelous job.

You are also one of the most celebrated violinists in our own nation!

Thank you. I am always thrilled to be part of a group of great violinists. This is the way I like to work with my music. But in addition to that, I am happy to be a pioneer for new violinist, and I have enjoyed being part of a team that has produced so many new singers in the violin world, including many more talented and talented violinists like my friend, and my good friend, Daniel Stolle, whose album You Are Right has just been released.

You are a highly sought after guest teacher at many prestigious schools and camps in the West!

Thank you. Of course, I am happy to be a great role-model in this regard of good conductors, the world famous violists like the one-time-conductor J.R. Rummel and the well-known singer-conductors.

You have worked with the legendary British violinist/composer William Gull. Can you tell us about his career and how he influences you and your work?

I first heard of him back in the 1980s as a classical pianist, when he was conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Opera House. To my surprise, he was a highly talented performer and composer, and also an amazing musician. I was very impressed by his piano playing both for the piano and on

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