Which is easier to play violin or viola? – Free Online Violin Lessons For Intermediate

I didn’t like both instruments. As far as their sound systems are concerned, I think for violins it makes more sense, because it’s the most complex instrument you can actually make. [In violas, on the other hand,] the only really simple sound we have there is the bow movement. And it’s really not that challenging.

How do you find out which instrument your parents want for you?

I have to be a really happy child. And the answer, in general, was really pretty simple. The first instrument I got as a kid was a violin. The second was a violin and viola.

That’s a hard thing to live up to.

(Laughs.) Yes, they do say that. So I’ve kind of accepted that I can’t do everything. And then when I say “go crazy” in a sentence, people are like, “Oh, you haven’t lived up to being a musical prodigy. What’s that mean?” I’m pretty normal by the time I turn 25. It’s hard for me to imagine life without being a violin player or a violinist. It’s just so much fun.

Do you ever play any music with the kids?

No. I think I play violin with my father a lot. We try to have a lot of fun together and have fun playing music.

Do you guys play a lot together?

Well, yeah, all the time. We like playing in our bedroom, too, right? And it’s really good, I think, to come home to a song playing in there. It’s great to watch the song change on the piano and everything.

You play two instruments really well. Why?

I think it’s because I tend to be really good at just one instrument. A lot of the time I just play on one level.

Were your parents musicians?

Yes. My parents played some kind of orchestra with their friends. And they played the piano. They also played music together. They used to play jazz or music by Haydn. They could play everything.

I see. How about your Dad? Is he a musician?

Oh, yeah. I think he’s had his musical eye on some kind of field for pretty much his entire life.

He’s a pianist for sure.

(Laughs.) Yes and no. Sometimes he plays saxophone. He likes to play the horn. You

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