Which violin is best for beginners?

The answer for novice violinists probably has the most to do with the player’s comfort level. Most violin players don’t feel comfortable playing very high notes, and are easily startled by loud noises, especially when listening to music.

However, a beginner can learn to play a violin in no time at all simply by using the resources available to me from my various violin classes and concerts. It requires no special equipment or skills. But as the amateur violinist, you need to be more selective how you choose to practice so you don’t get a bad teacher who can’t handle the level of difficulty you’re learning. Most of my students can achieve the level of music they are playing even without any additional help.

Should I practice with a teacher?

Yes, as long as the class is set up properly, and as long as you bring a few instruments as well. You can use the teacher’s score as a reference when making new adjustments and it will help you see what the class has to offer compared to other lessons.

How can I stay motivated

The first step in learning to play a violin is to focus on how to master the instrument by improving your technique and gaining experience through your first string lessons. You need to learn to work with the fingernails (playing one note at a time, which is the basic movement in playing music. You can also practice in one of the special classes, which will have no physical exercises and teach you how to play music without losing the skill you currently have.

The next step is to begin practicing regularly with the teacher’s score. When this is done, it will be easier to build on your skills and build up a repertoire of all the notes that you will eventually be able to play.

Finally, by taking the time to study books and videos on how to play violin, you will start to develop a taste for the art of playing. If you love music, it will become easier to find inspiration as to what music sounds like as you continue to develop your talent as an amateur violinist.

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Learn violin lessons in New Zealand

Singing with a violin in New Zealand is a pleasure – you get the opportunity to learn the musical language of our great country and start to learn how to sing your favorite songs.

For more information about New Zealand, click HERE.

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