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The reason it needs to be so scratchy should be obvious, but the more often you ask this question, the more likely you are to be confused and embarrassed.

The reason your instrument has a scratchy sound should also be obvious, but the more often you ask this question, the more likely you are to be confused and embarrassed.
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If you listen to it and you don’t think that it seems scratchy, the reason is because the strings are not in tune with one another.

In fact, one is in the wrong pitch, which affects the sound, which means the fretting action is going through the wrong motions, which leads to a scratchy sound. How do you know what the right pitch is?

It is easy to figure it out if you play an upright guitar from the very beginning. But if you do it again, you will find that you have to adjust your instrument again, just to get the sounds you want from the strings.

What is the difference between vibrato and vibrato-style playing?

Vibrato means that the strings move on and off the fret. The most common vibrato position in classical music is the “V” shape. This is to allow different pitches to be played on the same string in unison. It often causes players to make mistakes, as they try to “feel the sound” by playing the fret positions in unison.

Vibrato-style playing is used in jazz, blues, R&B, country, and many other styles where it allows the fretting hand to move between the first and the second strings equally easily. This is more difficult for players with small hands who need large numbers of fingers to touch the strings in different positions on the fretboard. To play with vibrato, the player has to have a set of flat strings at the top of the guitar that are connected to the guitar’s bridge.

Vibrato is not a technique, and it is done for the sound rather than for playability. You should be able to play through the vibrato without missing any notes. You just need to know that it sounds good.

How is vibrato played?

By strumming one of the flat strings at the top of the neck.

Strum the flat strings at the right time, when the other strings move in unison.

By moving the bridge to meet the flat strings at the right position. (This is easiest if the guitar you are using

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