Can I learn pole dancing at home?

Yes! While you are learning to pole dance, there is a very unique challenge for each dancer; for example, a pole dancer might need to develop more of a balance and self-confidence while learning the technique, while someone who lacks confidence might need to develop strength and stability in the feet and legs. If you are interested in learning pole dance at home, our instructor is here to help. When do I start? At the time of registering your first class date you can choose the start time for your first class, you have 1 hour minimum to complete a class, and you will only be required to complete one class per month.

What skills and abilities do I need to master?

There are five primary abilities needed to become a proficient pole dancer: balance and mobility, power, strength to perform complex moves, flexibility, and poise. This website also contains an extensive curriculum that covers dance-related skills necessary to develop those skills. Please be sure that you learn this information prior to enrolling in our classes and that you complete this curriculum prior to your start date. This information will help you develop an understanding of the physical demands of pole dancing.

Why do I need to get my instructor’s permission?

We have a rigorous, certified program, which requires multiple forms of approval from multiple sources in order to complete, which would include the dance department at your campus. A form of approval is not required for you to attend any part of the class program. For those interested in receiving classes from other dance departments, all we ask, is you please note the name of the dance department (as well as the class number) in the description of your booking online so we can send information on the number of classes you are currently taking.

Will your instructor have any instruction from a professional?

Yes! Pole Dance Studio has a complete schedule of dance instruction that covers a wide spectrum from beginner classes and high school classes. With classes we also include:

Technical skills

Pointers & Catch-as-Catch-Can


Swing & Step Forms

Belly Dancing & Stretching

What do I need to get started for my class?

Your course is just a few easy steps from here to success. Your instructor will have detailed instructions on how to get started, including:

A schedule of dates that will be for a beginner class and that will involve a minimum of 6 hours of dancing over one weekend

Time on dance floor