Can you lose weight pole dancing?

That is definitely what a pole dancer does!

The first thing you have to do when stepping onstage is to practice this:
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Do the same routine twice so that you do it right!

And, after you’ve got that down, you can perform the same routine at home:

When you see those pictures where a pole dancer puts on a lot of weight, you’re probably thinking, “How can we be that big and still look so big?” and I can only say that you are the answer to that question.

So, get started, get bigger, and then stick around. Because if you stick around, you will find out a lot about yourself…and I bet you’ll find out just how much strength you have in those arms (and maybe a couple of other muscles).

In the meantime? Get back to doing what you love to do. You won’t know what you’re missing if you don’t continue to improve. So, go out and grab that pole and make something amazing of yourself.

What’s your favorite challenge you’ve ever been on?

For me, in my junior high and high school years, I was really the type of person that really enjoyed doing different kinds of challenges. I had this really small class, but we had these big, big races. I would always take the long route, but then at the end of my long way I would do a sprint. I always did it like that. I was also great at the dance. I really loved the acrobatic moves. Once you get a couple of years into dancing, you kind of feel your power build and I did that during my junior high and high school years. My goal was to be able to do a pole routine and then get out and dance in my local club. I knew that the dance clubs around Chicago were really big and there were a lot of amazing dancers, so I figured that if I could get onstage and dance, I’d be good enough to impress my friends. I never really thought there was much in it. At that time, at my high school, we had an all-girls’ dance club. We were also the girls’ league basketball team. I thought there was a really small pool of girls in Chicago to be able to compete in that league and, as it turned out, there was just a certain level of dancers that they wanted to train. I took it as a challenge and it was really fun. From that point forward, I