Can you spin on a static pole? – Pole Dance Performance Got Talent

The first way you know you’ve got it is this: no-one gets into any sort of serious bicycle accident on a static pole. Yet, in many urban areas, the streets and sidewalks are lined with them. And when your bicycle gets stuck when you’re not looking, you can often see a dozen people struggling around the bike looking for help. The last thing you want to do in such a situation is spin on the pole.

“When it’s a static pole,” says Jeffery Lefebvre with the University of Washington, “you could stand up like you’re trying to get on air. The problem for them is that if they’re standing up or if they’re walking around they have a really difficult time getting up and turning on the wheel. If they’re sitting down, the same thing can be said.”

This is just an easy-to-hear problem, though. It’s probably an important one to understand better; there have been multiple reports from readers who are stuck on stationary poles.

“Static poles have become a favorite playground for kids and have gotten even more popular in recent summers,” observes Andrew W. Moore at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. “This has led them to get all sort of physical exercise in the form of walking, running, cycling, etc. I suppose as long as these kids are in good shape and doing the right things they can have fun on a static pole. Unfortunately, though, kids and adults alike will often get discouraged from exercise if their goal is to move.”
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What it takes to get help

The fact is, it takes a lot more than a bit of practice to have any sort of success on a static pole. But, according to Moore, a dynamic movement, such as turning on your wheel or using a single pedal to ride uphill, can easily give someone a solid foothold at a stop.

“It’s much more helpful to have someone to stand on or push you out of the way than it would be to have a stationary person pushing you out or turning you around—you end up moving a big bundle of weight.”

With a static pole, it all goes through one mind, so it takes practice to master. To make that learning process easier, bicycle companies and community groups are often working with static-pole-friendly organizations to build up their skills. At least three organizations provide free training for new customers on the proper way to use and set up a static pole. The BTA’s site provides a

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