Can you spin on a static pole? – Pole Dancing Classes Near Me Groupon Customer

Yes to all, No to almost all. Spin the poles on a static one, you just need to take care that it turns on and off as a constant (or nearly constant) rotation. If it’s in the middle of a spin, you’re ok.

Does it have an oil seal?

The fluid level is regulated through the oil seal. Make sure that the seal is clean.

What is the difference between it vs a 2 in 1 oil pump?

In simple terms, they have different parameters and are all driven by the same pump (which is also in a separate oil seal).

How much do the two types of rotors cost?

It’s difficult to say directly as prices are heavily influenced by spec, but it should be noted that the smaller 1/8 in. rotors are typically $5 more than the larger 2 in 1s. (It’s hard to gauge a $5 difference, but I’d say that it’s something like $2 if you’re looking at the larger ones).

Can I use two rotors in one machine?

Yes and no. It’s actually very difficult to make two different type rotors fit the same shaft if you are using the same set of screws. However, if you know what is going on you can figure out where they overlap anyway, and you can just buy a new set of screws.

If both of them are made of the same material and made in the same month and you buy two similar 3/32 screws that are from the same year, do you end up with a lot of differences?

If you buy different screws and get the same one, there shouldn’t be any difference. If you buy the exact same screws, there could still be variations as the different brands were made from a different batch of screws.

This is what I mean by spec. Just make sure you compare both parts correctly for the size, the number of threads (the size of the threads is just the diameter of the shaft), and the size of the end cap.

What are the differences between these two motors, are they of similar specs, but more cheaply made?

There are a few differences when it comes to the price of the motors.

What has the lowest price on amazon (for the 2 in 1)?

If you google it for both, the first link will lead to this listing, and the second will lead to this listing with 2 options

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