Do you have to be skinny to pole dance?

A. Yes, it has to be skinny to pole dance.

Q. What do you need to do in class, to move up in pole dancing?

A. Well, most of the classes will teach people to perform in a variety of different styles. In other words, they will teach you to do tricks that you will probably not be able to do in dance.
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Q. How many different techniques do you have to learn?

A. There are about three categories of techniques. There are the traditional ones, which they use in Mexico, and the modern ones which are more of an exception.

First of all, the traditional way of doing a trick has one step and a lot of twists. For example, in an acrobatics class you will usually practice a double-back acrobatics act or you will practice acrobatics with a pole. You do them three times and, if you are good, you will be told about the tricks that you did in the class. The ones that you are most probably not good at are going to be done five times more in class, so you know, it is a good class.

We also have to be good at a lot of new tricks. When they are done and they are good. The new ones we are taught are about 45 seconds long with the trick you will want to learn being the most challenging one.

It takes time for new techniques to become fluent in our class. However, some are very good.

Q. What type of student is most likely to show up for these classes?

A. A lot of people think that pole dancing is just for fat people, but the reality is that the class is for everyone and everyone can be in it. But, the fat people want to dance.

It is important, however, that if you want to be here, you come prepared. There is some flexibility in your schedule to have some of the classes on the weekends, you must check our website for dates.

Q. How would you rate your pole dancing skills?

A. I am an average dancer. I have an average skill. If you can move your pole well and you look like you are in great shape, I would rate me as a decent dancer. For me, I am not a good dancing class because I am not really confident. But, if you are confident and have a good personality, then yeah, you might be able to dance well