Do you have to be skinny to pole dance?

I guess it depends what’s required in the particular set of exercises. I prefer to stay as lean as possible, but it definitely takes some muscle to be able to do the exercises I’m teaching you.

How do you use a pole to balance?

I have to balance on one leg when I’m in pole dancing or when I’m with anyone else who does it. My friend and I would do it once a week — if we only had 1 or 2 other friends to do it with, it would probably be three to five times a week.

How many steps do you take to make your pole dance move?

I’m lucky that I have been doing it for a long time. Even though I have just started teaching now, I think it can take up to a week to figure out how to do something — maybe more.

How do you train for pole dancing?

First off, I have to stay active. I’ll work out during the week, but I’m always working out on the weekends. I would say I’m training with strength and conditioning coaches so that I’ll be able to perform as best I can on the weekends.

What equipment do you use when you practice?

I use a very basic pole. It’s a stick, a pole and two bars — one for me and one for my partner. I put a bar under my back and I move across the pole, keeping my back flat. Then we put our feet under so we look forward, and we move it from side to side while keeping our back straight.

On the weekends, we use a pole, a bar and two ropes — one from under me and one under my partner to help us get down on the floor.
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How long does it take to get into pole dancing?

It depends on the level of the dancer. I would say it takes me about two months to get into it — in that time, I would study a lot of different pole dances. I would then study how many steps, the distance to be traversed without falling, the pole moves that work and the movements of the poles — and I would also have to do a lot of practice.

What do you do after pole dancing?

After we have done our workouts for the weekend, we all go back to our homes and we have to get ourselves together. Everyone’s a little slower after performing on poles, but we try to keep ourselves motivated by having some good