Do you have to be skinny to pole dance? – Pole Dancing Pictures

Yeah. We work out twice a week. It’s very important to keep it very high-intensity. We have to always be moving.

Would you let your kid wrestle?


When you were wrestling, did you wrestle with a partner?

No, I just wrestled bare-chested.


I didn’t want it to be a weird thing. If you ever wanted to see what I got into, you could look at videos like that. I was a little scared of taking that on, not just wrestling.

What do some wrestling fans know and some people don’t?

I think most folks will see that I wrestle for fun, that I’m a really good competitor and that I love it. At the same time, if you’re a fan of the product and you want something different, that’s fine as well.”

Do you look at yourself as the wrestling champion?

“Yeah. I’m the WWE Champion. I don’t know if I’m in the conversation for being the top guy but I’m certainly one of WWE’s best guys when it comes to matches. I’m very aware of what I’m doing because I want to keep it up and do well.”

Do you enjoy being the top guy?

Of course. You always want to do better and do it more. I don’t mind any competition or any challenges. It’s just hard to be the best and perform the way I do. But I try to keep moving forward, trying to improve my skills and do great in everything I do.”

How much has being the top guy changed this year?

“It’s definitely different. I want to stay competitive and be able to put on the best show and be in front of the biggest groups of people. The biggest groups and the biggest audiences. But it’s a great stepping stone, to improve my craft, to get better and to be better on the microphone and in front of people. That’s always fun.”

Any thoughts about your feud with John Cena?

“I love John, we always have some good interactions. But as far as John and the WWE, they are very different and it was hard to stay good with that. But the new product — this new crop of superstars that the wrestling business has been getting — is definitely great. This new crop of talent. When you put it in perspective right now, this is the greatest talent and

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