Do you have to be skinny to pole dance?

Or maybe you get a little fat in the front and a little slimmer in the back?

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Do your feet touch the ground? Do you have to crawl?

Where does someone wear their shoes? Do they ever wear them?

Can their dress touch their shoes?

What about their makeup? How often does their face change color?

Who has to be the one who chooses their clothing?

What are the expectations from the audience? Are you expected to dance? Are you expected to be pretty all the time?

Can you take time to breathe?

Who’s making fun of your body? What’s your goal? Is it for a commercial?

What’s their reaction? Is it “Oh, poor thing—poor, poor, poor thing!” or, “Wow, she’s just a human being with dreams.”

What about the other dancers or other people nearby? Are they happy for you?

Is there a choreography to their routine? What style is it?

What if a girl is a good dancer, and the guy is not? What do you do? And what if the guy does everything and you do nothing? What should you do?

Are you in the spotlight? Is it all right for you to not dance? Should you do a “safer” routine?

What do they expect us to do? Are we there to be beautiful—or are we there to perform?

What do they see in us—as dancers? More, less, or what happens behind the scenes? Are those scenes beautiful?

Does the choreography have a name? Do you have a good one you can tell the other dancers about?

The man believed to be the man seen being led out of the store in handcuffs by a police officer in a video posted to Facebook this weekend has been identified.

The footage surfaced after a woman told CNN that she saw David Flippen, an officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, grab her by her hair while she was walking to a nearby McDonald’s. The woman said her attacker had a badge and badge number, according to the station.

Flippen’s name has been pulled from the Las Vegas Police Department’s official investigation of the incident. It was announced by the department on Tuesday that Flippen is being cleared of any wrongdoing.

Flippen, 31,