Do you have to be strong to pole dance? – Beginning Pole Dance Moves Olga Koda Bio

I know the difference between the two but for me, pole dance has become a part of my life, a constant part of the rhythm. It gives me the confidence in my own performance, and makes any time or place I go to be a part of! There’s no real point being weak when no matter where I go, I will always be able to dance, because whether or not I’ll be able to get the perfect angle in that position, I will know I’ve got a good pole.

How did you get into pole dancing, and what are your goals?

My first Pole Dream in 1998 was on a small stage in a nightclub and it was at that stage that I realised a dance and a lifestyle could be born from pole dancing. Then, as a young girl in London looking for my career path, I began to dance and realised that pole was the platform for me to do so and I went crazy!

What would be your dream Pole Dream?

If it was to perform on the world’s largest and most expensive pole at the Pole Dream and to be accepted on the podium for the prize!

I’m going to the Royal Opera House next year to perform on the Metrarium, it will be a once in a lifetime experience!
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You’ve recently put out a new track, called The One I Want To Hold In The Sun, that was produced by David Rabinowitz:

What made you want to collaborate with David Rabinowitz?

I wanted to work with him because of his success on one of my own songs, Let’s Get Physical, which has been performed to packed houses all over the world. When I worked with Dave on Let’s Get Physical, I didn’t like his way of making music so I asked him to play me a demo of the track he was working on. It was like a personal audition for me. As it turned out, the track I recorded with him would become the single for my new project, The One I Want To Hold In The Sun.

Did you have a collaboration in mind before you came into contact with David Rabinowitz?

He and I met over a year ago when he played me a demo of a track he was working on which is called My Dance, I Didn’t Want To, I Wanted To Do. It’s an old song from a previous album and it featured the main chorus line, “No, you don’t want to, I wanted to do it!” with

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