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Do you have to be strong? How fast do you think you can pole dance?

How fast do you think you can pole dance? You do not know pole?

You pole dance to be something you are not.

Are you a pole dancer? Tell us what’s your favorite skill that you use?

Pole dancers learn the skills and techniques of pole dance before starting to dance. If you do not have the confidence you can achieve by studying and practice you can make good progress by just taking lessons and practicing. Pole dancers should be able to:

Keep their feet in contact with the floor where they are walking. They need to move in a straight line or with very little pressure.

Use very little leg movement and should be able to keep the same hip and butt position as during dancing.

Do not allow them to jump or jump very high in the air. The distance from the hip to knee should still be the same for all distances.

Make sure their hands are under their hips and should not be touching other parts of the body.

Tossing and kicking is not allowed.

If someone is not a regular beginner they are recommended to visit an adult pole dancing class or attend a community classes.

Are you pole dancing in a school or in a club?

There are several national clubs in Canada that offer their members classes. The clubs will pay the instructor.

Do I need a pole dance license?

Only licensed pole dancers or instructors can teach in the streets.

Are you qualified to dance for the Olympic Games?

Yes, Canada will be competing in the 2014 Rio 2016 Olympics.

To apply for an entry fee you must send a letter from your local governing body.

Can students join clubs?

Yes, the clubs that we support and have the least distance from Toronto do offer student membership.

When do I need to be a member of a club?

You may be a member of a club at any time.

Can I get my hands on a pole?

You cannot give up your pole. Pole Dance Toronto was started at a time when only one pole dance company had a pole class on campus. These were the most important and popular clubs that had a pole dance class, and they are still the most prominent at the time we were starting.

Can a beginner get any lessons or a pole dance class?

Pole Dance Toronto

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