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Are you a good pole dancer? Do you think pole dancing is “hard” or “easy”? Do you agree or disagree with the following pole dancing positions? How about some tips for pole dancing on a consistent basis? Are you a pole dancer or just a pole person who also likes to dance? Does pole dancing put you at risk, or does it make you more flexible? Is pole dancing “fitness”? If your answer to those questions is yes, pole dancing is still too much fun for you! So join the pole community.

The official Android app is free and works well on both tablets and phones. There are a few minor annoyances, namely a need to download the Google Play Games for your phone before playing, and some of the characters are a bit generic compared to what you’ll find in other Pokémon games. It’s certainly playable, there’s just something about the whole “Pokémon GO” style experience that sets it apart from every other game we play these days — that’s not to say it’s awful. But like the previous game, Pokémon GO doesn’t have the best graphics and user interface. There’s also the lack of offline battle — in the first few days of release of the game, players can’t play via cellular data.

Unfortunately, the Pokémon GO Pokémon collection is completely lacking. The few Pokémon you can catch include:









Nidoran (Gastrodon)

Nidoran (Mismagius)

Nidoran (Gyarados)

Pikachu (Gyarados)

Nidoran (Snorlax)



Specially, we’re not sure if we can include Pidgeotto, Rattata (Raticate) or Caterpie, as there’s not one in our database.

It may have all of these Pokémon, but it’s missing some other things in an online world — like the battle system of Pokémon Go. Pokémon GO comes with a Battle Frontier where players can battle or team up with other players and battle at various locations across the globe. In addition, there is a feature similar to Pokemon Go that lets Pokémon trainers compete against other Pokémon players over a single Wi-Fi connection.

In Pokémon GO, you must locate a Pokémon

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