Does pole dancing give abs? – Best Pole Dance Ever

Well if I do it as a part of my workout (which is an added bonus), I still do a good amount of cardio after pole. Plus, I’ve never had any digestive issues while working out, so I don’t think I’ll need to worry about it. Plus my pole is so much easier than it’s arms! Maybe I’ll get better after seeing if I start pole dancing again soon.
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Is pole dancing safe? Well of course! But is it safe for everyone? Absolutely! And not just because it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done. While this is what some view as the “safe” part of pole, there is enough evidence to say there are dangers. You’ll see this coming out soon. I’m not looking for you to read it, and I’m not trying to scare you. You’ve been warned. However, if I ever have a problem or a need to let you know how much I’m enjoying it now, I’ll definitely link this post up here. I hope it helps you, you’re welcome.

Is there a chance to qualify for the World Pole Dance Championships? Well I did start this in 2011 but I only finished 2 out of 4 qualifiers. To finish the championship in such short time, I need at least 2 qualified to win. So far, two of them still hold me back. I will post updates on how I’m doing as we go along.

Will the World Pole Dance Championships be in Seattle? Nope. It’ll be in New York City since that’s where the World Pole Dance Championships is being held. I really, really love NYC. When I was younger, New York was my one big escape from the weather, and I’ve always stayed away. Now that I’ve had children, having kids has allowed me the ability to see NYC every weekend.

How much is this? This is all on me, after all. When I have all the answers I probably won’t even need to type a few words if you have to fill any of it out. So, here it goes! $1,900.00. I’m not sure if it’ll actually get me there. That’s my budget for this year. I have some friends who do great, so I’ll probably make it out to the competition in March, or I’ll sign up for the 2016 competition and then try again next year for 2017 or…something.

What will it look like? Well I’m still sketching out the entire thing and trying

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