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While it may be difficult to have a dance show during your days at home, at least have a dance class with a knowledgeable dance teacher. These classes may not be suitable for people with disabilities, but it is a good option for some.

Dance classes also help you feel more comfortable in the dance area (as you can learn something new as you learn something else, even though you may not be able to dance), so being comfortable with the dance area helps you feel more confident around people, such as when you need to use the bathroom.

What dances do I need to know?

You can practice various styles of dance at home. For example, learn some of the moves for jazz, classical, world and popular music for dance shows and other special occasions. Then practice it with friends, family members and classmates throughout the week.

Learn different styles of dance at home.

Do you want to try new dance dances? Learn these styles.

Do you want a dance class to learn these styles? Then enroll and schedule the classes.

What if I’m not familiar with any dance?

If you don’t know what to do with yourself, or do nothing but dance, don’t bother studying dance. It will not take you more years to learn to dance. You may not have a disability, but you may not know the art of dance, which can make it hard to know all the steps required to do all the moves. Therefore, it’s just as possible that you don’t know the art of dance.

Instead, learn to dance (at least in the general style you’re used to watching) and work on your choreography. Dance shows are a time you can practice, while dance rehearsals are a period of time you can make yourself dance. You may find it easier to practice the moves on your own than to watch other people and try your moves on stage.

When is the best time to practice?

Practice whenever you are able to do it. Some people with physical limitations (such as arthritis, hip pain, or other injuries, the elderly, or someone having a bad cold) do not have the opportunity to practice as often as they would like. The good news is that there are other ways to get in more exercises than sitting at a table and practicing.

Do me a good turn! (Practice a little too much!)

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