How do pole dancers get flexible?

Does every pole dancer have to be thin? How do pole dancers stretch? Are there any pole dance programs available for women? Are women given any kind of orientation?

We can help you! We offer free Pole Dancing Seminars and workshops at our school, and we have a list of pole dancers that have been helping the community and have also been on our web site. We have a variety of classes for both the beginner & advanced.

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From the Editor:

In the aftermath of the 2014 tragedy in Newtown, Conn., the Obama administration’s response to a new and horrific gun violence epidemic has been to propose a set of regulations on the private market that would not make any tangible difference whatsoever to preventing gun violence, according to my colleague, John Lott (formerly of the Crime Prevention Research Center, now at the American Enterprise Institute).

Here’s what Lott wrote in the Washington Post:

Dark-haired Strong Graceful Pole Dancer Showing Amazing Dance ...
“As an economist who believes gun rights are essential, I had always assumed that the federal background check system could be trusted to weed out those who should not have access to firearms. I was wrong. “The background check system failed to weed out the mentally ill, fugitives, and others who had no interest in firearms.”

The Post quotes Professor David Hemenway of New York University’s Center for Gun Policy and Research. Hemenway says that federal background checks “do not catch criminals, nor do they help stop dangerous people from getting guns in the first place. . . . There are no real restrictions on sales, which makes them not very practical . . . Even the most generous estimates of the effect of background checks on criminals and dangerous people yield negative effects on violent crime. Some criminals evade background checks by using fake or stolen identification.”

The result is a national gun registry: “An entire generation lives in fear of being found by their friends or neighbors with a firearm that they purchased, or by law-enforcement.”

A gun registry means that we can tell who has guns by looking at who has registered them, and how many gun owners have that gun. It means we can identify where those guns are kept – the gun museum in your grandmother’s house. It means we can know who knows who in our society, and how, and who has power to ban us.

“All that, of course