How do you prepare for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Classes

I train every day. At all hours of the day and night so that I don’t miss anything, and that I can be in perfect shape so I am constantly getting my cardio in, and then for the other days of the week, I train in the morning or at the gym between classes, and I never really take my shoes off. I never really leave my house. I don’t ever go to a party and I don’t do anything crazy—I’m like, “I don’t want to go to a party if I’m going to have to wear shorts, I don’t have anything nice.” So if you want to go out and see some people, if you want to dance one day, you have to be there, and you have to be up for it, and if you miss one day, you haven’t trained the right way. But I’ve been on a journey, and I have a huge passion for Pole Dancing and the people who are pole dancing, and I’ve been so fortunate to be here as a Pole Dancing instructor.

How did you meet Chris?

I met Chris during a pole dancing competition that I did in 2013, and he had a pole partner named Gage. So when Chris first walked into the gym and saw me dancing, he got up and said, “I’ve seen all your videos on YouTube, I’d love to meet you and you can talk to me for a minute.” And since he already didn’t have anything more that he could use, he wanted to talk to me. I was like, “Sure, fine.”

How do you spend your free time?

I do like to walk around the neighborhood. I did that in my neighborhood for the last few days, and I’m gonna keep doing it, but I also like to go out for the weekend, I like to go on the beach, get away from it all, just live life. I love that we have this place like Westbank, I loved it, I don’t know why I still have a condo in Westbank, but I do. I love the people, I like the people, I just like going to the beach and going to the coffee shop, and I like going out for dinner with friends, but, not too expensive. I don’t think that’s wrong.

What was the reaction like when you posted your first pole picture?

That started it. That was something that happened in the last few months and I think one of the

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