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Some dance pole vendors have posted prices on their sites and websites. Prices are often lower than those in stores since they use more expensive materials and can cost up to double if more than 300 poles are used per hour, and some sellers have posted prices for dance poles for longer durations of time. If the pole is used more than 30 minutes per hour, the pole could cost as much as $50!

The poles are usually made from galvanized steel, copper wire and/or stainless steel. Some sellers will use galvanized pole bolts as well. Some of the more popular lengths are: 50′ to 65′ (50 feet; 2.5m), 60′ to 80′ (60 feet; 4.5m), 75′ to 100′ (75 feet; 8.5m), and 100′ to 125′ (100 feet; 12.5m). If you are interested in buying dance poles for more area (i.e., a dance area that includes more than one dance floor), then look to see if it is possible to buy a pole that has a different diameter or size in the same size category or size.

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