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We can figure it out.

All you need to figure out is that $150,000,000 is enough to build all of the poles needed to make all of the planes used in the World War II era. In one year, all the planes made at a rate of roughly $2.4 million per plane. The cost to build a plane in one year is roughly $20 million.

If you divide the entire amount in years and multiply by $2.4 million, you get $250 million per year. That means that a half-dozen airplanes per year cost about $10 million. If you go back and look at airplane production in the 1920s, you’ll find that many planes were built on the cheap.
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The best example: During the Korean War, Japan had been building its own fighter aircraft, dubbed the Mitsubishi A6M, which was about as good as modern fighters are these days. It took about four years to build a single plane, with much of the work taken up by the engineering-to-design phases. The aircraft was completed in just four months—about 10 times the current time-to-manufacture for an airplane.

If Japan had to make just two planes per year, they would have been made for the cost of an A6M. That’s $30 million for each plane. That seems small compared to the cost of the planes that the Nazis built for the war, but the U.S. Army’s Air Power Manual (pdf, p. 5) estimates the amount of airplanes that would have been made at one time against these types of expenditures.

According to the manual, the best-performing fighter at the time was the A6M-1, which was a one-seat monoplane with a top speed of 568 mph on the ground. Then in March 1944, Japanese planes were flying faster than any U.S. aircraft of the time, making a total of 19,000 total aircraft produced between 1945 and 1946. The manual says the A6M-1 was designed to carry as many as six men and as many as four tons of fuel. According to the Manual, the A6M-1 used a two-stage supercharger to push the engines to 200 percent of capacity.

The manual does not make any mention of the production of the A6M-2, but a cursory search on the APM website shows that it did not exist. In fact, we cannot find that

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