How much room do you need for pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Pictures

A pole dancer is supposed to walk through the dance’s area with the same pole as the choreographer. If the dancer doesn’t have the pole with him like he should, then he is responsible for the pole. If he has enough room but can’t walk freely in the area he should not be judged as being “less enthusiastic.” He may or may not need to change shoes or change his shoes from his own size.

Do you have the ability to get off stage?

A pole dancer is not allowed to simply jump off of a pole. He is to be “pivoted” onto the stage until he is on stage.
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What time does the dance begin?

The dance begins at 1:30 p.m. It ends just before noon. It starts again at 1:35 p.m. If the dance does not begin before noon, then the person dancing should not have the right to take a break from his dance until after the last bell sounds – this is considered a sign of laziness.

How does the choreographer know who is going to be dancing and how he can tell if the dance has begun?

The choreographer reads the cues from the dance director and if “Poles in the Pins” is in the dance then the dancer will be dancing. If “Poles in the Pins” is not in the dance then the dancer is responsible for getting off stage or finding another partner to dance. If “Lack of Time on the Pins” is in the dance then the dancing partner is responsible for moving over to the pole in the right place and then waiting until the last bell to get up and take a break. The dancer is required to return to the dance area (that the choreographer designated for him) as soon as the final bell sounds.

Do you have the right to walk away from the dance area? Please explain.

Yes, a Pole Dancing Class includes the right to walk away from the dance area. The class doesn’t matter if it is the first part of your dance or your last performance.

How do you do your homework?

You should take notes in class as well as in the dance area. It is encouraged that you take part time lessons where you will complete homework from the time you arrive until the date the class starts for most dance groups.

Are there additional restrictions on certain dance classes?

Yes; some dance group options are only available to certain students.

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