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One question on many people’s lips is how much weight can a dance pole hold. The answer may surprise you. It may also shake you to your core.

What does the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) say?

The IWF is one of the largest and most respected organizations in the world. The IWF provides expert training for weightlifting federations in the U.S. and worldwide. The IWF also provides the world with its expert opinion on the design of dance poles. The IWF also offers training, instruction, and equipment to support all weightlifting federations.

What happens to a dance pole after it has moved?

Dance poles are never recycled, sold, or given away. After moving from one place to another, new dance poles must be purchased and installed. Because dance poles come in different shapes, sizes and weights, their cost will increase significantly. Most dance poles are bought new but some are refurbished. The cost for new dance pole replacement can range from as low as two dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the size and weight of the pole. Because dance poles are so heavy, it may take some time to move the pole from one place to another. It may take up to two months in some locations.

What do I need to know about weights on a dance pole?

Weight can be used to measure how heavy a pole is. The weight on a dance pole does not necessarily affect the weight an exercise can achieve. Weight-lifting and weight-bearing classes require you to lift your weight in order to participate effectively. It is generally accepted by everyone who is not a certified professional that you can lift your bodyweight to perform your weightlifting and weightbearing exercises. You can perform exercises that are not part of this class including barbell squats and overhead pressing. You can also continue to exercise even after you reach the limits of this class by performing them again at your own pace. In addition, you should be able to lift your body weight to complete all of the exercises included in this class including body weight exercises.

Dance Poles, Body Weight and Weight-bearing exercises

What does it cost to move a dance pole?
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Dance poles are purchased in varying sizes, weights and styles. If you have questions about the cost of moving dance poles, you can contact a representative at a Weightlifting office for pricing and other information.

How do I move a dance pole?

The dance poles pictured to

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