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Lap dancing is legal in Canada for both males and females, according to Canadian laws regulating lap dancing. Both parents are required to be present at a girl’s first lap dance. Men may also be present in the corner with a male partner as long as they are not causing trouble or causing the child trouble. Males may not lap dance, though the practice can be done by both sexes. According to the Canadian Bar Association, “It is the practice of lap dancing when the person involved is engaged in a private manner.”

How long will it take to get a lap dance?

Like all dances, your first lap dance generally takes anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour. Your first lap dance can be with a partner, but if you’re alone, your first lap dance can be with a stranger.

How much can I expect my first lap dance?
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For a first lap dance, you may be offered a lap dance ticket or lap dance coupon. After you purchase a lap dance ticket or lap dance coupon, your lap dance will be made available to you.

You will also be given a lap dance lap dance voucher or the equivalent value of your lap dance ticket. If this is equal or less than five years of your birthday, you will also be given a lap dance coupon. When purchasing a lap dance ticket, a lap dance coupon cannot be purchased together with the lap dance ticket.

Can my child join me for the lap dance?

Yes, but you will be expected to be available for your child’s first lap dance. Your child’s lap dance is not open to minors.

It is best if your baby is in an “adult car seat” when you are at the show or you’re using special lifts for your little one.

Please note that some venues now allow children to attend lap dances on some dates where they weren’t already given an escort when their ticket was sold to the event. Children should never stand alone in the corner waiting for a lap dance unless they have special, special permission from the venue or event.

Can I leave my lap dance or give or receive lap dances at the show?

Yes, you can give your baby to the bouncer to be placed in the lap dance line, the first person in line. After you leave, they can then come and take the baby to their lap dance. If you’re giving your lap dance for your child and your family, be sure to tell the family not to leave your lap dance

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