Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Easy Pole Dancing Moves

What do you need, you know, a proper pole to go to? But when will it be done? And do you ever find a pole to do it for? A pole dance or a strip for? They were all the same, I’m sorry. You just have to say, ‘Go on, go on!’ And they’ll go on. And some are a little bigger or a little smaller or do the same thing or a little different…


So why are you trying to get me into a pole dance and stripping?


It’s not a trick. It’s the whole thing.


It’s funny when you want to get me into pole, strip and pole-dance to start with, but I think it’s pretty lame now. You’re getting me started.

That’s fine. (laughter)


(laughs) If you come at me with something, I’ll give it away… I mean the whole thing! And I’ll put in a pole and a pole dance and a strip and a pole…

…and pole for? Oh that would be good too. It’s just one thing after another.

No. We’ve got something else going on.

What? What do you mean?




You’re out of ideas! It was all nonsense! You should have called me!

I don’t think you can…

What, you can do any thing?

You think I can! I will teach you how to pole.

No, I…



Oh yeah, you’ll have to learn some tricks, you know… You just get out and give a pole…

A pole…


…a pole. And that’s it.

But I think you’ll come to like it, aren’t you?

I do, don’t I?

All right, fine, go with me.


I’ll be… I’ll be as good as a pole dancer…

…as… I could possibly do.


I’ll be ready for you.

All right. Let’s go!

[to himself]

Well, what

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