Is stripping worth the money?

To find the answer, let’s put them on a one-way trip to the corner grocery store and make a small purchase: Two dozen chocolate bars, 10 dozen Oreos. If you’re a regular, then you buy the dozen, eat the dozen, and get home to check your mail. If you’re not, you buy three dozen and return to the store.

Now look! What did you buy? Did you really have 30-40 seconds to think about whether or not you wanted Oreos or chocolate bars? If you didn’t, then it makes no sense why we would even have them to begin with. The point is that they should be treated as the same commodity, if only because they both have the same monetary values attached to them (a.k.a. real) and if you didn’t want them anyway, you’d be better off with some more substantial consumables – say, a cup of coffee or a packet of Oreos.

That’s the argument of the “weirdly compelling argument” I posted about on Medium. You have a reason to want something so why would you ever not want it?

The only reason to not have something is if you don’t see its real value. Sure, we all get distracted by certain things and we need to get rid of them but the reason people buy things just because we ask them to is because we can’t imagine the alternatives.

When one thinks about that, it makes perfect sense why people would buy things just because it makes them feel good to do so. One might never go shopping again and that’s fine but it should never take precedence over other needs.

When I think about why, I think of other people who don’t buy things because they’re lazy. Someone who’s unable to cook even though he’s given up on cookware for the time being because he feels like he’ll just go to the store to buy the food he can’t make. Someone like that has no good reason to go to a restaurant to eat food that most other people will never even think of having.

It’s the guy who just doesn’t believe in buying things that I think is the biggest problem with the present system. The people who complain so much about being forced to buy things like health foods even though they have no intention of eating them are complaining in spite of what the food industry has always done. The reason he makes the purchases isn’t so he may enjoy them.

They could be spending their