Is stripping worth the money?

Well, there’s the matter of getting the right material. If you don’t want to spend the money, there are other methods, such as buying raw materials at a market and then using that. I have done that, and it does work.

I used raw materials from my old life. The price for the material was only a little higher, but I got raw materials at a price I could keep, so it actually worked out very well. And that’s the way we will go in the future. I was a young man, and it was really hard to find work when I tried. I am currently trying to get a contract for a few years to do something similar from abroad. If something comes along which I consider worth investing in more than just money, then I’ll consider investing that money.

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There are people working in a way they never have, but there’s nothing that stands out as something special to me. I just find it boring, and it’s not my specialty. Even when I do have a special skill, as long as I know what I’m doing, it’s fine. We didn’t have the time to study what we wanted to study, and we had our own way of doing it. That is how we made our way in the world.

Do you have a plan to get a full-time job?

No, not at the moment, but the idea of working is something I’ve wanted since I was a child, and I think I’ll come back to it once I have some time.

If you could buy anything, what would it be?

If we go shopping, it’s not very practical. If my clothes aren’t the best quality, then I might come back to what I do now.

I know you’re still a kid, but do you plan on getting married?

Not for myself. I feel like everything would get boring in this old world, and I have to give up my job. Also, it seems like things will get worse if I just do it for myself. In order to get away from this old world, where there is no real freedom, I’ll have to find a way for me to do something. I might even change it into a game that makes things interesting, as for now, that’s what I’m thinking. If I’m successful, then all I’ll have to do is pay out what I have accumulated so far.

What is the current plan for developing this game?