Is there a weight limit for pole dancing?

How can we increase girls’ pole dancing skill and performance?”

How many children in your school can pole dance?

As a parent, what challenges do you face when you choose to have a pole-dancer in your school? Are you aware of the impact that your decision can have on your children and their relationships with other students?

What is the best way to handle children with special needs?

Have you thought about the physical challenge of pole dancing? Can you explain your decision making process?
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How can you handle challenges between parents and families if you are a pole dancer?

Are you aware of the benefits of pole-dancing?

Do you have an understanding of the importance of your own body and being healthy? Do you understand how pole-dancing can help you improve your bodies? Do you enjoy learning about how to incorporate dance into your daily routines?

Is there an option in your school/community where students can participate in pole dancing clubs?

How many students in your community can dance? How can we educate each class on the benefits of dancing?

What are the barriers to women’s participation in pole dancing and the ways to overcome them?

Should we make girls’ education a priority?

Is the cost of going to pole dance a barrier and what is the best way to overcome this?

If you have a girls’ private dance school, what do you do to educate them about pole dancing? How do you implement and maintain a club that encourages girls to take part in dances?

What is your understanding of the difference between a “public” pole dance and an “optional” school dance?

Will I feel like I am being supported as a dance teacher if I decide to have a pole dancer in my school? Are there any other supports available like a support staff or music teacher?

If you have a girls’ private dance school in your district, what are your responsibilities to ensure that pole dancing is a safe and enjoyable activity for all students? What is their responsibility to ensure that their students enjoy the dance? What is your relationship about ensuring that the dance continues to provide a safe space for all students?

If you want to expand the number of children who can participate in a girls’ dance party, does your institution offer the space to create one?

What is your organization’s commitment to encourage gender equity in its programs and policies?

What are your opinions about making girls’ clubs available at