Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Moves A-Z

A weight limit of 25kg (50lbs), based on the weight of a professional pole dancer. We’ve had many requests from customers, and would like to give them the option to choose less.

Who can I get a pole dance certificate to?

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Anyone who has achieved a valid age and is fit enough to carry the pole for dance.

Can I do pole dancing with no training?

You should check with your local pole dancing centre, as sometimes they won’t provide you with a formal training.

Do I have to have experience of pole dancing?

Yes! However, there are courses that may give you a broad understanding of how pole dancing works. If you’d rather not wait until you’re ready to get started, we’d advise getting in touch with a pole dancing centre. Our members can recommend some of the best centres in their area for further enquiries.

Do I have to sign a Naturist Bylaw to do pole dancing?

No! There are areas where you don’t have to be Naturist Bylaws, and some of the more popular clubs permit dancing for all genders, regardless of their gender identity.

Can there be a pole dance class outside with no poles?

As pole dancers are usually seen for a few minutes at a time, it’s not possible to perform in a group of 20 people, yet it’s possible to dance in pairs. Some of the smaller clubs are quite strict on this requirement, but you’re more likely to be accepted if you’d like to be solo.

Where can I find further information on pole dancing?

To find out more about pole dancing, you should contact your local pole dancing centre, or start searching online.

Where to find a pole dance studio in your area?

You can search for a pole dancing studio by following our guide to pole dancing studio listings. We have a list that has all the important pole dancing studios in the UK.

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