Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Shorts High Waisted

You can’t weigh people at the pole, but you can weigh your dog at any pole.

How many people can I have at a pole?

A pole dancer can get between 30-50 people at a time.

Can I carry a pole?


How many people can I carry on my back at a pole?

No one can sit on your back.

How do I get paid at a pole?

You’ll have to apply to be a pole dancer after your dance period, and pay a fee.

How much do pole dancers earn?

Pole dancers generally set their own rates depending on their skill and experience level. Pole dancing can earn you more than $40,000 – $60,000 a year depending on the length of your pole dancing career.

Can I work at a restaurant?

Yes, but not at the same table you’re at at the restaurant.

What should I wear while pole dancing?

The pole dancers I know are all wearing shorts and tank tops at the pole. You don’t want to show too much of your body while pole dancing so a tight top and light makeup are a must. No t-shirt under your clothes and no shorts under your legs.

Will you charge for eating?

Yes, you won’t be charged for food while at a pole.

What if my pole dancing needs changes?

Your pole dancing instructor will let you know when a pole dancer needs to get into new exercises. You should have a pole dance class with two other pole dancers of the same sex and gender by the time you want your pole dancing change. Before you change, go to the pole dance class and ask to meet the girls.

What if my pole dancing needs is done more frequently?

Your pole dancer instructor may give you more pole training sessions a year or, if you already have your personal pole training class, he or she will schedule one less pole time per year for the person to spend on pole dancing.

Do pole poles have lighting?

No, they do not.

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How can I be sure the lights are on?

Make sure the front and back sets of lights are on. Lights should always be turned on when people are on the pole so they can tell someone is on the pole. You also need to turn on and off the front and rear lights if anyone comes in the area before the

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