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They do whatever a real woman would – dance, walk, talk and kiss. You have to be strong, but you can always fall back into your rhythm.”

How would I train?

There are always ways to improve and the world would be better if pole dancers gave the pole a fair and honest airing.

What about my kids? Or anyone who’s not a pole dancer? Do I want them to see me on TV talking shit about pole?

In the name of pole, I want you to think so.

So what’s the deal with a lot of people thinking I’m a pole dancer?

I know what that feels like, and it never feels good, but you have to ignore the noise. People need to know a little about me so they can appreciate what I’ve done.

How did you meet Maria?

I met her in 2010 when she was 18. She was in her early 20s and had her first pole performance at a pole dance competition.

Was she nervous about doing it?

At first, she was very shy but once she felt it in her body, she was excited!

Is Maria an actual girl or an image she was given?

I don’t think Maria is an actual girl. I think she was created by me, I gave her the name Maria but she’s my creation. I have to keep her private.

How do pole dancers train? Do you do anything different from the real thing?

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They do whatever a real woman would do – dance, walk, talk and kiss. You have to be strong, but you can always fall back into your rhythm.”

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