What does pole dancing do to your body?

What do you really want?

If I may, it is time to get into some of my other passions of juggling, yoga, meditation, poetry and meditation. The thing is. Being a pole dancer for so long, I just cannot explain away those feelings I am still stuck with for months on end.

Do you have that feeling you have, all the time? Like you hate what you say and feel when you talk to people at work and you feel like you don’t know your way around? Like you have such terrible self-confidence? In your mind, you say you don’t know anything about your body? You’re not sure about what you do? You feel like you’re constantly trying to prove to yourself that you’re good with anything?

You feel like you can’t get anything, you feel like no matter what, it can’t get better. That when something’s not going well, or you want better, like with a pole dancing career, that something is a bad sign. Why else would you even think to try? It’s a very, very strong feeling. And you have to understand that I don’t like the fact that it keeps on happening.

I know it’s not your problem, and maybe it isn’t everyone’s, I just think I’m lucky, and I just keep getting better and better over time. And that doesn’t make me a bad person to be.

But what do you think is the cause.

Why do you feel like you’re always saying “No” or you have no desire to dance?

Do you feel like you never know what the problem is or you can’t really do anything? Like you feel like there’s something you want to say but you’re afraid to say it; you’re afraid it’ll make you look like you don’t know anything and you just want to play along to what they say?

You feel like you’re never ready to let go of something… or you never want to let go of yourself? What do you feel like?

And I am thinking and speaking very much like you’re a very special person, and you have to be very special as well to feel you can really do something special like these. And this is what you need, people!

And the thing you need is the love, support, and confidence to try something new. You need to love who you feel you are, and you need to love what you do. And the feeling that