What does pole dancing do to your body? – Competition Francaise Pole Dance 2018

The dance may provide a workout because it is more cardio and more aerobic than the regular aerobic movement. You can go out for a quick spin or do a dance routine and the dance will help to burn fat and keep your cardiovascular system firing.

You just can’t beat the feeling of being in the water with all of these people around. They really help you burn fat and are great for burning a ton of calories at the same time.

What do you need to do to build a pole dancing career?

It is important to focus on finding more people to teach you and start getting sponsors. You can go find a pole dancing coach online or from local pole studios.

I also think it is important to start promoting the dance even more. Start going to public places and pole dancing competitions. There’s always a growing population of pole dancers. The dance itself is great because you get to move like a gymnast as long as you keep it on the dance floor.

Do you do tricks or have your own?

I have more than 50 tricks and I am planning one new trick that is going to be on the national tour this fall. I always try to have some fun with the trick and make different moves from different angles, all while having a great time.

I am also starting to do some full body moves by making an ice dancer by putting a water cup on top your head. I love the water part and I like the way you can spin around. These moves really show off my athleticism.

What is your biggest obstacle you are working on?

I’m always trying to find ways to improve the sport of pole dancing. I am still learning. I think my biggest obstacle is getting a promoter who is willing to invest in the sport. I started my company in 2010 and my biggest obstacle is getting the people who want to come to me to invest too.

Do you think pole dancing is going to catch on?

It is going to take time for the general public to figure out what to do. The thing I really love are the pole dance partners. They help me find great moves to move and make the moves look good. They are also really inspiring to have in class.

Do you have any tips for people looking to take up pole dancing?

People that want to start pole dancing need to get an open mind and have a good attitude. You really have to think about what you want to do and how you want to earn

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